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Month: March 2019

The Best Quotes for Weddings and Grooms

Poems and special dedications for the day when love is signed. Today we have a selection of famous phrases for weddings, poems for weddings and civil celebrations. If you have friends who are going to get married or you are the one who is going to go through the altar, this is your chance to […]

Wedding Quotes

Image Result For Wedding Quotes Looking for an inspirational quote to use at your wedding? These short but poignant love quotes are perfect adds to wedding vows or speeches..Inspiring Quotes on Love and Marriage. “Where there is love there is life.” “To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow this is a […]

Sabrina Bryan Wedding

Image Result For Sabrina Bryan Wedding See Every Photo from Cheetah Girls Star Sabrina Bryan s Romantic and Glamorous Vegas Wedding. Sabrina Bryan married fiance Jordan Lundberg on Oct. at Wayne Newton’s home in Las Vegas. Bryan’s co matrons of honor included Leah Stewart and fellow Cheetah Girls member Kiely .Sabrina Bryan Is Married! Cheetah […]

What Time Is The Royal Wedding

Image Result For What Time Is The Royal Wedding What Times Things are Happening on Prince William and Kate Middleton s Big Day. The following schedule of royal wedding events is in Eastern Standard Time. The morning of April will start with an announcement from the Queen s office stating the titles that Prince William […]